• 2022.7.1

    KIZU to perform at FWD PRESENTS 7th ANNIVERSARY【beauty;tricker】 TOUR2022!

  • 2022.6.25

    KIZU ONEMAN SHOW Saibou [Peace begins with…] announced!

  • 2022.6.16

    KIZU to perform at BugLug Presents 「BugSummit 2022」!

    2022.9.3(Sat.) Chichibu Muse Park

    [OPEN / START]
    11:30 / 13:00

    More information HERE

  • 2022.6.9

    KIZU to perform to ARLEQUIN Presents「束の世界-SONOSEKAI- 2022」!

    2022.8.27(Sat.) Namba Hatch

    [OPEN / START]
    14:00 / 15:00

    More information HERE

  • 2022.6.3

    【Important Notice】GALAXY BROAD SHOP Emergency Maintenance Notification

    Thank you for always using GALAXY BROAD SHOP.
    Due to an error on the payment system, we are forced to close for a bit because of an urgent maintenance.
    The re-open date is not settled yet as we are currently searching for the error source.
    The activity will restart as soon as we are able to solve this issue, so we would like to apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your understanding.

    Nevertheless, we are accepting reservations for some of the products on the GALAXY BROAD SHOP LIMITED SITE. Registration is not compulsory for ordering, so we would be pleased if you would use that service in the meantime.
    The products available at this shop will be as following:
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】T-shirt
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】Sticker
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】Rubber band
    ●【Tengoku】CUTLERY SET
    ●【Tengoku】MUFFLER TOWEL

    We are very sorry for all the trouble.
    Please, keep using GALAXY BROAD SHOP from now on as well.
  • 2022.5.23

    【Important notice】GALAXY BROAD SHOP site renewal open!

    Thank you for always using GALAXY BROAD SHOP.
    We would like to inform you that the website, which has been down for a while because of renewal reasons, will be re-opening again soon.
    Because of the site’s renewal, all the registered information will be reset so we would like to kindly ask you to register again. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
    We would also like to inform you that purchasing without being registered on the website (using a guest account) will not be available anymore, so registration will be needed from now on.
    Thank you for your continued support for GALAXY BROAD SHOP.
    <Renewal site open>
    Scheduled for May 27th 2022 (Fri.) from 12:00 (JST)
  • 2022.5.20

    『Pierce ni Hood』Download campaign announcement

    A special download campaign will be hold through iTunes and Amazon Music regarding the new subscription and download limited single『Pierce ni Hood』about to be released on May 21st (Sat.).
    All the participants will be sent a special original picture as a present!

    ※Please, participate in the campaign ONLY after reading the campaign details, terms and conditions carefully.

    【Campaign details】
    All the participants will be sent a special original picture as a present if they download Kizu’s subscription limited single 『Pierce ni Hood』(to be released from May 21st, Sat.) on iTunes or Amazon Music in the designated campaign period of time.

    Please, follow the next steps to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!

    1. Download Kizu’s subscription limited single『Pierce ni Hood』from either iTunes or Amazon Music.
    iTunes Store

    Amazon Music

    ※The above links will be available from May 21st midnight.

    2. Please, take a screenshot of the “download completion” screen of 『Pierce ni Hood』.
    ※In order to participate, please send us a screenshot where we can clearly check the songs have been purchased.

    3. In order to finish your participation, please complete all the required information and attach the above explained screenshot on the application form below.
    Application form

    ▼Campaing period
    2022/5/21(Sat.) ~ 5/23(Mon.) 23:59
    ▼Form entry period
    2022/5/24(Tue.) until 23:59
    All participants will get a limited campaign special picture of the band
    ※The special picture is scheduled to be sent around mid June

    【Terms and conditions regarding this campaign】
    ※Since the entry method will be a Google entry form, please fill it out after logging in with a Google account. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    ※The application will be completed once you click on the “send” (送信) button below and you get a “your answer has been sent” (回答を記録しました) notification on your screen. No “entry completed” e-mail will be sent.
    ※The personal information needed for this campaign will be exclusively used for confirming the participant’s identity.
    ※Once the campaign is over, we will delete this information in a way it that cannot be restored.
    ※Please, note that you will not be able to confirm or check the form contents once the form has been sent.
    ※Also note that all the applications sent outside the designated campaign period of time will become invalid.
    ※You cannot change the application information after it has been sent.
    ※In case of any miss or typo, the application will become invalid.
    ※Please, make sure that you can receive e-mails from “@” email domain. In case you can’t, please settle it in the appropriate way so you can receive the reward contents without any problem.
  • 2022.5.20

    LiME to participate to Vocal Summit 2022!

    2022.9.24(Sat.) EX THEATER ROPPONGI

    [OPEN / START]
    15:00 / 15:30

    More information HERE

  • 2022.5.18

    「Pierce ni Hood」Digital Ver. to be available on streaming and download platforms from May 21st (Sat.)!

    A digital ver. of「Pierce ni Hood」, the single distributed at the venue of KIZU Oneman Show “Tengoku” (2022.5.14, Nihon Seinenkan) will be available on streaming and download platforms.

    ※Subscription & download only version.
    ※There may be some time-lag depending on the services.

    More information HERE
  • 2022.5.14

    KIZU ONEMAN SHOW「Sora no Nai Hito」Announced!

    Hibiya Open-Air Concert

    「Sora no Nai Hito」

    ※More information to be announced
  • 2022.5.14

    11th SINGLE Release Announced!

    11th SINGLE
    2022.8.31 RELEASE

    ※More information to be announced
  • 2022.5.2


    KIZU ONEMAN SHOW 「Tengoku」
    2022.5.14(Sat.) Nihon Seinenkan Hall

    [SIZE: L 77 × W 58cm]

    [SIZE: L 77 × W 59cm]

    [SIZE: L 76 × W 59cm]




    [SIZE:B5 34P]
    ※The sales of the pamphlet will start after the end of the show.

    ※Old merchandising will be on sale as well.
    ※The picture of above is for illustrative purpose only. The product may look different.

    ※Sale starting time may be subject to changes.

    CDs to be on sale at Nihon Seinenkan Hall on May 14th!

    KIZU’s CDs will be on sale at Nihon Seinenkan Hall, venue of “KIZU ONEMAN SHOW 「Tengoku」”, on May 14th!
    Bonus gift will be handed out on purchase made at the CD booth in the venue.
    ※Check the image of above for more information about the bonus gift and eligible titles.

  • 2022.5.2

    【IMPORTANT】GALAXY BROAD SHOP to be temporally closed down for renewal maintenance.

    Thank you for using GALAXY BROAD SHOP.
    The online shop will go under system maintenance for renewal accordingly to the schedule below.
    Please note that you may not access to the online shop during the maintenance period.
    All the orders placed before the maintenance will be shipped out as soon as they are processed.
    From 24:00 of May 9th (Mon.), 2022 to 11:59 of May 27th (Fri.), 2022
    ※Depending on the operation status, the maintenance date and time may be subject to changes.
    Please note that the product below will still be available at GALAXY BROAD SHOP LIMITED SITE.
    2022.5.25 RELEASE
    Preorder it here
    During the maintenance we are still accepting enquiries, so, if needed, please reach out to us at the e-mail address below:
  • 2022.4.18

    LIVE DVD『KIZU ONEMAN「VISUAL」2022.1.8 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA』 release announced!

    2022.5.25 RELEASE

    【First Press Edition】 DMGD-023 (DVD) ¥8,800(¥8,000 tax out)
    *36P live photos booklet included

    【Regular Edition】 DMGD-024 (DVD) ¥6,600(¥6,000 tax out)

    Released by DAMAGE
    ※Contents, title and versions are subject to change without notice.

    Now available for preorder at 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP LIMITED SITE】!

    Order your copy HERE

    *Please note that 【GALAXY BROAD SHOP LIMITED SITE】 is not GALAXY BROAD SHOP, but a different online shop.
    International shipping is not available.
    Please check the URL below for more information about the service.

  • 2022.04.11

    Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki-OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING

    Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki-
    2022.4.18(Mon.) Spotify O-EAST


    ■Rubber wristband

    ※This merchandising will be on sale at KIZU Merchandising Booth.


    ■Pin Button Badges (One randomly out of 4 designs)

    ※Merchandising from past events are panned to be on sale as well.
    ※The picture of above is for illustrative purpose only. The product may look different.

    You may pay by credit card.
    (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover)
    The credit card payment system is based on mobile phone networks. Depending on the signal, we may be unable to process the credit card payments.