2024.1.31 RELEASE
14th SINGLE『Ningen Shikkaku』

DMGD-034 [CD+DVD] ¥5,500(tax in)
*28P Booklet included

1. Ningen Shikkaku
2. Nemuranai Machi
3. Juuhachi
4. Ningen Shikkaku (instrumental ver.)
5. Nemuranai Machi (instrumental ver.)
6. Juuhachi (instrumental ver.)

KIZU Oneman Show「Kimi no Namida de Asonde Itai」 2023.7.17 Nippon Seinenkan Hall
1. Strawberry Blue
2. Jusei
3. Nemuranai Machi
4. Ningen Shikkaku
5. Jigoku
6. Juuhachi

※Contents, title and versions are subject to change without notice.

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