Azabu Post Office
    「KIZU」 – (Member name)

    ※Please make sure to write the band name and the member name on the envelope/parcel.
    ※We can only accept letters/parcels shipped by Japan Post Services (Ordinary Mail, YuuPack etc.). Letters/parcels shipped out by a different service cannot be delivered.
    ※We cannot accept frozen or raw food.


    Please make sure to include your name (full name), mail address and your question(s) when sending an e-mail.
    KIZU staff will reply to all the e-mails as soon as possible.
    If you don’t get a reply within one week, please re-send your e-mail.
    Please note that, depending on the contents of your e-mail, we may be unable to get back to you with the information requested.
    ※If you are contacting from a mobile phone mail address, your mail box setting may be unable to receive e-mail sent from PC addresses. Please make sure to check your settings and to enable the e-mail reception from PC addresses.