• 2023.2.27

    LIVE DVD『KIZU Oneman Show 「Sora no Nai Hito」2022.10.9 Hibiya Yaon』
    Information about the videos streaming bonus for purchasers of the First Press Edition.

    By entering the serial code included in the 【First Press Limited Edition】 (DMGD-026/027|DVD+CD|¥12,100 tax in) of KIZU’s LIVE DVD 『KIZU Oneman Show 「Sora no Nai Hito」2022.10.9 Hibiya Yaon』 (2023.3.22 RELEASE) in the dedicated website, purchasers can watch online some exclusive videos. Check the details below for more information on the streaming schedule, contents and how to. You will find the address of the dedicated website and the serial code inside your copy of the product’s【First Press Limited Edition】.

    ◆DAY1 2023/4/23(Sun.) 21:00~ 「キズThe BATTLE (KIZU The BATTLE)」
    ◆DAY2 2023/4/24(Mon.) 21:00~ 「キズ的それ正解-vol.1- (KIZU teki sore ga seikai -vol.1-)」
    ◆DAY3 2023/4/25(Tue.) 21:00~ 「キズ的それ正解-vol.2- (KIZU teki sore ga seikai -vol.1-)」
    ◆DAY4 2023/4/26(Wed.) 21:00~ 「性格診断テスト-16Personalities- (Seikaku shindan test -16 Personalities-)」
    ◆DAY5 2023/4/27(Thu.) 21:00~ 「Q&A」

    ① Login to the dedicated website by entering the serial code included in your copy of the product’s First Press Limited Edition
    ② After logging in, please choose the content you wish to watch among the 5 available, and click on 【GALACAA視聴コード (access code)】.
    ③ You will get the GALACAA access code that will allow you to enter the streaming page.
    ④ On the day of the streaming, please access to GALACAA, open the event page you chose, and click on 「BUY TICKET」.
    ⑤ You will be redirectd to a page that request you to enter your ticket code (チケットコード入力). Please enter the GALACAA access code you have issued in step ③.


    *You will not be able to watch the video(s) with the serial code. Please make sure to get your GALACAA access code (GALACAA視聴コード).
    *1 serial code will give you access to 1 video only.
    *You will need a GALACAA account in order to watch the video(s).
    *All the videos will be available for streaming until 2023/4/30(Sun.)23:59 JST. To watch them on archive, you will still need to get a GALACAA access code BEFORE that specific content’s streaming starts.
    *Streaming contents and schedule may be subject to changes.
    *Please note that if you try to get your GALACAA access code right before the event to start, it may eventually take sometime to process your request due high traffic on the server. We suggest you to get your code beforehand.
    *Please note that it is strictly forbidden to record the video (both through screen capture softwares and camera), as well as taking photos. and repost those online, including social media.
    *Please note that all the serial codes included in the copies purchased after the streaming period of the videos is finished will be unvalid and won’t give you access to any benefit.