• 2022.6.3

    【Important Notice】GALAXY BROAD SHOP Emergency Maintenance Notification

    Thank you for always using GALAXY BROAD SHOP.
    Due to an error on the payment system, we are forced to close for a bit because of an urgent maintenance.
    The re-open date is not settled yet as we are currently searching for the error source.
    The activity will restart as soon as we are able to solve this issue, so we would like to apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your understanding.

    Nevertheless, we are accepting reservations for some of the products on the GALAXY BROAD SHOP LIMITED SITE. Registration is not compulsory for ordering, so we would be pleased if you would use that service in the meantime.
    The products available at this shop will be as following:
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】T-shirt
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】Sticker
    ●【Zennippon Shironuri Kyoukai -sakazuki--】Rubber band
    ●【Tengoku】CUTLERY SET
    ●【Tengoku】MUFFLER TOWEL

    We are very sorry for all the trouble.
    Please, keep using GALAXY BROAD SHOP from now on as well.