• 2021.9.10

    To the fans who applied for tickets for 『KIZU ONEMAN「Orange」「Strawberry」-Members only-』

    You can check the ticket lottery results on TicketTown website starting from, 9/10(Fri.) at 12:00.
    To check the results, please access to 「マイページ (My Page)」 link on the upper left part of the TicketTown website, and then click on 「抽選履歴 (Lottery History)」
    Access directly to the 「抽選履歴 (Lottery History)」 page HERE
    【Payment term:2021/9/10(Fri.)12:00~2021/9/13(Mon.)23:59】
    ※If you do not make the payment within the term of above, your application will be cancelled.
    《How to use TicketTown》
    If you have any questions, please contact TicketTown from the link below.
    《INQUIRIES ABOUT TicketTown》