• 2019.11.22

    KIZU 8th SINGLE『Kuroiame』available on the main digital music stores!

    KIZU 8th SINGLE『Kuroiame』, released on Oct. 29th, 2019, is now available on the main digital music subscription stores!
    You can now listen to 2 songs from the latest single, 『Kuroiame』 and『BLACK RAIN』, at Apple Music, Spotify and many other stores!

    Amazon Music Unlimited
    Apple Music

  • 2019.10.24

    【Feature on YUNIKA VISION!】

    The latest live show information for KIZU are going to be aired on YUNIKA VISION (3-23-7 Shinjuku, Tokyo) from Oct. 26th to Nov. 1st!

    It will feature the FULL ver. MV for the new single “Kuroiame”, to be released on Oct. 29th, and the live clips for “Heisei” and “0”, from the footage to be included in the first press limited edition of the single.

    【Schedule and info】
    from Oct. 26th (Oct.) to Nov. 1st (Fri.)

    <On Air Time: 11:35 / 15:35 / 19:35>
    1.Heisei(From KIZU HALL ONEMAN TOUR 「Tenbatsu」 X 「Tentyu」 2019.4.7 「Tentyu」 TOKYO・International Forum Hall C)
    2.Kuroiame(Music Clip)

    <On Air Time: 13:35 / 17:35>
    1.0(From KIZU HALL ONEMAN TOUR 「Tenbatsu」 X 「Tentyu」 2019.4.7 「Tentyu」 TOKYO・International Forum Hall C)
    2.Kuroiame(Music Clip)

    ※No cut full footages only
    ※On air time may change

    ・About the YUNIKA VISION-linked App “VISION α”
    Download the Listen to “VISION α” on your smartphone and point it towards the YUNIKA VISION screen to enjoy the current footage in high-quality sound.
    Put on your earphones / headphones and get into the music × movie!

    Check the YUNIKA VISION Official Website for more information.
  • 2019.10.24

    【「Kuroiame」MV FULL ver. YouTube Premiere】

    ≪10Oct. 27th (Sun.) 21:00 YouTube Premiere≫
    「Kuroiame」MV FULL ver.
  • 2019.10.21


    LiME “Jingai”

    reiki “Kuudou”

    Yue “Ningensanka”

    Kyonosuke “Boku☆sanjou!”

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    Credit card (VISA / MasterCard / JCB / American Express / Diners Club)

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  • 2019.9.16
    KIZU ONEMAN 「SyometsuーShirofukugentei GIGー」 Ebisu LIQUIDROOM announced!
  • 2019.8.22

    KIZU ONEMAN TOUR 「Setubou」 announced!