• 2023.1.23

    KIZU Presents TOUR「Tomogui 2023」Announced!

    More information HERE
  • 2022.12.27

    『Ichigeki New Year Special -Hangeki-』

    2023.1.1 21:00
    2023.1.2 21:00
    2023.1.3 21:00
    2023.1.4 21:00

  • 2022.12.16

    KIZU to Tie-up for 『Collar×Malice -deep cover- The Movie』!

    KIZU’s “Ningen x Shikkaku” has been chosen as the theme song for the movie “Collar x Malice -deep cover-“!

    Big hit game「Collar×Malice」
    Anime movie “Collar x Malice -deep cover- the movie”
    To be released nationwide in two parts – early summer 2023

    ■THEME SONG:Ningen x Shikkaku / KIZU
    ■CAST:Morita Masakazu, Kaji Yuuki, Satou Souma, Namikawa Daisuke, Kimura Ryouhei, and more…!


    ⒸIF・DF / Collar×Malice the Movie Production Committee
  • 2022.11.14

    Additional Show for KIZU Women Only GIG 「Onna Jigoku」 announced!

    An additional show for KIZU Women Only GIG 「Onna Jigoku」 has been announced!
    The Blog Magazine presale starts today, Nov. 14th (Mon.) at 21:00!

    More information HERE
  • 2022.10.3

    KIZU’s songs and videos available for fan art use at「GALACAA」

    KIZU’s songs and videos will be available for fan art use at the video streaming platform「GALACAA」.
    Creators will be able to use all KIZU’s pictures, songs and videos officially released until now and upload them at GALACAA’s ‘fanart’ section for sale purposes from now on.
    Fan art contents such as vocal, instrument or dancing covers of the songs, creating original animated stories based on KIZU’s songs or original lyric video creations will be able for sale starting with a fixed price of 100 yen (the fan art price will be up to the creator). Part of the benefits earned from this will, of course, be given to the fan art creator.
    Please, check out how to sign up into the website and how to publish your work at「GALACAA」’s website.
    ▼ Video streaming platform「GALACAA」
    * Please, note that it is not allowed to freely use any of the original songs, videos and pictures of the band for creating content in other streaming platforms besides「GALACAA」.
  • 2022.9.30


    KIZU ONEMAN SHOW「Sora no Nai Hito」
    2022.10.9(Sun.) Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall







    [SACOCHE SIZE:W300×H230mm]
    [CASE SIZE:W55×H52×D59mm]
    [RAIN PONCHO SIZE:W120×H90cm]

    ■SHOP BAG ※Nonwoven fabric
    [SIZE:W460×H350×gusset 100mm]

    [SIZE:B5 36P]

    ※Merchandising from the previous lineups will be on sale too.
    ※The image of above is for illustrative purposes only and may not represent the product exactly.

    ※Depending on the situation, the presale time stated above may be subject to changes.

    You may pay by credit card.
    (Visa、Mastercard、JCB、American Express、Diners Club、Discover)
    The credit card payment system is based on mobile phone networks. Depending on the signal, we may be unable to process the credit card payments.

    You may pay by PayPay.
    ■How to use PayPay
    ・Use your smartphone to access to PayPay home page and chose “SCAN”
    ・Read the QR code available at the merchandising booth
    ・Enter your purchase total amount and select “NEXT”
    ・Show your your screen to the sales staff and select “PAY”
    ・Payment completed
    ※Please make sure to charge your account before hand. Do not charge at the merchandising booth.
    ※PayPay payment may be suspended without prior notice.
  • 2022.8.31

    NEW SINGLE「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」: available for streaming and download starting from today 8/31(Wed.) at 0:00!

    More information HERE

    ※There may be some time lag depending on the service.
  • 2022.8.29

    「一撃-3rd season-」

    coming soon

  • 2022.8.21

    2022.8.31 RELEASE NEW SINGLE「Little Girl wa Yanderu.」 cover artwork unveiled!

    More information HERE
  • 2022.8.10



    ■Hood Towel ¥3,500

    To be on sale from
    Aug. 11th(Thu.)Nagoya E.L.L.

    【Pre-sale time】
    ※May be subject to changes.

  • 2022.8.4

    『Kyuumei』『Daisan Tokku』OFFICIAL MERCH Information!

    ■T-shirts ¥4,000
    ■Rubber Band ¥1,000

    To be on sale from each show merchandising presale at KIZU merch booth and ARLEQUIN merch boot.
    15:30-16:00(same for all the 6 shows)
    ※The presale time of above may change depending on the situation on the day of the event.

    ARLEQUIN×KIZU LIVE ERECT 2022『Daisan Tokku』

  • 2022.8.1

    -YouTube Premiere- ※The video will not be available on the channel after the premiere

    Aug. 1st (Mon.) 21:00

    ◇Aug. 31st RELEASE
    「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」
    Digest footage of the songs to be featured in the 【TYPE A】DVD.

  • 2022.7.15

    2022.8.31 RELEASE NEW SINGLE「Little Girl wa Yanderu.」 Track list unveiled!

    More information HERE
  • 2022.7.15

    Invitation tickets for the NEW SINGLE 「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」 Release Special “KIZU Ballade session” to be included in 120 copies of the NEW SINGLE「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」!

    A show titled “KIZU Ballade session” will be held to celebrate the release of the NEW SINGLE「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」 !
    To attend the event, you will need a [Premium Ticket], to be randomly included in 120 copies of the NEW SINGLE 「Little Girl wa Yandeiru.」【TYPE A】(DMGD-025A), to be released on Aug. 31st, 2022.

    【DATE】 Nov. 3rd (Thu.), 2022
    【TIME】 Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
    【PLACE】 Tokyo
    【CONTENTS】 KIZU Ballade session & Photo session

    ※Those who find a Premium Ticket in their copy of the single and are unfortunately unable to attend the event may apply for an original photo card autographed by the members.(international shipping is NOT available)
    [Application Deadline (from QR Code):Nov. 3rd, 2022 (Thu.) at 23:59]

    ※ Please make sure to bring your Premium Ticket with you on the day of the event.
    People who do not have a Premium Ticket with them will not be admitted to the venue for any reason.
    ※ 1 ticket will allow only 1 person to enter the venue.
    ※ Please check your Premium Ticket for more information about the event.
    ※ Please do not sale / transfer your Premium Ticket to any other person.
    ※ All the seat will be numbered. The lottery for the seat number will start at 16:00 at the entrance of the venue on the day of the event.
    ※ The Photo session will be held after the Ballade session.
    ※ The Photo session is for 2 shot photos only (you may choose the member you want to take the photo with.)
    ※ During the Photo session all the attendees will be allowed to take up to 1 photo per person.
    ※ The photos during the Photo session will be taken by the Instant Cheki Camera provided by the event staff.
    ※ During the Photo session a vinyl sheet will be placed between the attendees and the members to prevent droplets infection.
    ※ It is not allowed to have conversation during the Photo session.
    ※ The order the photos will be taken will be decided on the moment, depending on the situation. Please note you may not ask for a solo photo of the member only. Also, taking a photo together with other attendees or asking members for a specific pose is not allowed.
    ※ The Photo session will end as soon as there are no more attendees lining up for the photoshoot.
    ※ Please note that the event staff may touch attendees shoulders / arms to lineup / giving instruction during the Photo session.
    ※ Please note that it is not allowed to hand presents / fanletters directly to the members. Please put those in the Present Box available in the venue.
    ※ Attendees not wearing a face mask will not be allowed to attend the event.
    ※ Artists may wear a face mask during the event.
    ※ Please confirm your participation to the event by scanning the QR Code printed on the Premium Ticket.
    ※ Those who find a Premium Ticket in their copy of the single and are unfortunately unable to attend the event may apply for an original photo card autographed by the members.(international shipping is NOT available)
    ※ Please note that you will need to choose between the attendance “KIZU Ballade session” and the Autographed Original Photo Card. You may not apply for both.
    ※ There is the possibility that some Premium Tickets will be found after the day of the event. Please note that all the tickets will be considered invalid after 23:59 on Nov. 3rd, 2022 and applications for the photo card will not be accepted anymore.
    ※ Please note that the staff have the right to refuse the participation of attendees who’s behavoir is considered to interfere with the event operations.

    ※ Please note that for reasons related to damages the venue facilities, natural disasters, or any other reason that makes us unable to operate, the event may be cancelled or postponed. Please note that you cannot ask for any refund, including the travel expenses
  • 2022.7.1

    KIZU to perform at FWD PRESENTS 7th ANNIVERSARY【beauty;tricker】 TOUR2022!