• 2021.4.14

    KIZU 4th Anniversary Show「Kataki」【CD Sales Booth information】

    By purchasing CDs at the CD Sales Booth to be installed in the venue, you will receive a venue-only original present.
    Check the picture below for more information.

    You may pay by credit card.
    (Visa、Mastercard、JCB、American Express、Diners Club、Discover)
    The credit card payment system is based on mobile phone networks. Depending on the signal, we may be unable to process the credit card payments.

    You may pay by PayPay.
    ■How to use PayPay
    ・Use your smartphone to access to PayPay home page and chose “SCAN”
    ・Read the QR code available at the merchandising booth
    ・Enter your purchase total ammount and select “NEXT”
    ・Show your your screen to the sales staff and select “PAY”
    ・Payment completed
    ※Please make sure to charge your account before hand. Do not charge at the merchandising booth.
    ※PayPay payment may be suspended without prior notice.