• KIZU単独公演

    2023.3.26(日) NHK Hall

    [开场 / 开演]
    16’00 / 17’00

    ■SS VIP席 10,000YEN SOLD OUT
    ■2樓VIP席 10,000YEN SOLD OUT
    ■A席 6,000YEN SOLD OUT

    ■B席 3,800YEN[※一般先行~申请开始]
    ※SS VIP席/2阶VIP席:限定周边

    如果在演出当天之前,政府或地方政府的政策会因新型冠状病毒的感染情况而发生变化,有可能放宽或改变活动内容,或推迟或取消演出。请事先了解这一点。 信息将根据情况随时进行修改。

    Ticket PIA
    Lawson Ticket

    【About preventive measures for COVID-19 and other warnings】

    2023/3/16 Update

    Please check the “NHK HALL preventive measures for COVID-19 and other warnings」 page below.

    【Read carefully before to purchase tickets】
    Please note that if the government and/or any other authority requests / orders the cancellation of a concert due to the COVID-19 crisis, ticket fees will not be refunded, but exchanged with a gift.

    【Before to come to the venue】
    The COVID-19 infections are spreading nation-wide, therefore we recommend all the high-risk and vulnerable groups (people suffering of pathologies such heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc., as well as people over 60 years of age) to refrain from attending the event. Members are looking forward to see you at the future events after the pandemic has been stamped out.
    As for the people in their 50s, please consider the risks for your health before to decide to attend the event.

    ・Please use the alcohol-based solution to disinfect your hands at the entrance.
    ・Please keep social distance when lining up for the entrance.
    ・In order to limit airborne droplets transmission of the disease, please refrain to speak loudly inside the venue. Please refrain from exchanging cheki photos inside the venue.
    ・If you feel sick after entering the venue, please do immediately report it to the crew and follow the instruction given. (You may be asked to leave the venue)
    ・Please do not wait for the artist to enter / exit the venue.

    (問) NEXTROAD 03-5114-7444 (平日14:00~18:00)