• Vocal Summit 2022

    2022.9.24(Sat.) EX THEATER ROPPONGI

    [OPEN / START]
    15:00 / 15:30

    森友嵐士(T-BOLAN) / LiME(KIZU) / 田澤孝介(Rayflower / fuzzy knot) / 中島卓偉 / 椎名慶治 (SURFACE) / TAKUMA(wyse) / RYO (KING)
    DAISHI (Psycho le Cemu)

    Reserved seats Pre-sale¥8,000(+1 drink)
    ※Children above 3 years of age will need a ticket to enter the venue.

    Application term:5/20(Fri.)18:00~6/5(Sun.)23:59
    Payment term:6/8(Wed.)15:00~6/12(Sun.)23:59
    Ticket pick-up:9/17(Sat.)10:00~show start time
    ▼Application URL

    Application term:6/10(Fri.)18:00~6/19(Sun.)23:59
    Payment term:6/22(Wed.)15:00~6/26(Sun.)23:59
    Ticket pick-up:9/17(Sat.)10:00~show start time
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    【1st PRE-REQUEST】
    Application term:6/24(Fri.)18:00~7/3(Sun.)23:59
    Payment term:7/5(Tue.)15:00~7/7(Thu.)23:59
    Ticket pick-up:9/17(Sat.)10:00~show start time
    ▼Application URL

    【2nd PRE-REQUEST】
    Application term:7/4(Mon.)12:00~7/10(Sun.)23:59
    Payment term:7/12(Tue.)15:00~7/14(Thu.)23:59
    Ticket pick-up:9/17(Sat.)10:00~show start time
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    ※Up to 4 tickets per person
    ※Other than ticket fees, you will need to pay for the pre-sale service fee (550yen per ticket), system fee (220yen per ticket) and issuing fee (110yen per ticket).
    If paying by using mobile phone provider payment you will be charged of additional 220yen.
    ※How to pick-up: at stores
    ※Payment method: at stores / credit card / mobile phone provider payment

    ■All the pre-sale tickets will be on sale on lottery basis.
    ■Please note that right after the start of the application term and right before its term, the service may be experiencing high traffic.
    ■Please note that the lottery results as well as the seats are not influenced by the timing of your application, but they are randomly selected among all the applicants.
    ■You can check the lottery results at your “My Page” or on the notice sent to your e-mail address.
    ■Depending on your internet connection, you may be unable to receive the notification e-mail. please make sure to check your lottery results on your “My Page”.
    ■We cannot accept any inquiries about unreceived notification e-mails.
    ■We cannot accept any inquiries about the lottery results after the end of the result checking period.
    ■Please check your e-mail settings and allow the reception from the “” and “” domain.
    ■You may not cancel / edit your application.
    ■We cannot accept any inquiry about the customers personal information.

    We cannot accept inquries after the application term.